Hong Kong 50th Anniversary – Joy is Timeless Event

In 2018 A large-scale of BMW Hong Kong car exhibition “Joy is timeless” was held in Harbour city to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BMW’s presence in Hong Kong.
BMW earnestly hoped to share this happiness with their car enthusiasts and the masses, several best-selling BMW car models from the past to the modern were showed in the Harbour city. Apart from this, BMW appointed ViDe Team to create and develop a special game to coordinate with the exhibition.

With the consideration of the scale of the exhibition, ViDe Team designed a game with the concept of orienteering so as to have a good use of the location. There were totally 3 checkpoints set up in the Harbour city.

To start engaging the game, participants had to scan the QR code which was posted on every digital stand set at every checkpoint. A QR code scanner device was placed in every stand. After scanning the QR code, participants had to enter a few information to activate their accounts for gaming. The 3 stands were set at 3 different places in the Harbour city and Gateway near the BMW exhibition. Participants were encouraged to collect all of the stamps by scanning the QR code.

To collect the digital stamp from one stand, participants were required to open their own QR code from their own account and put it in front of the QR code sensor device. Once the QR code sensor detects the QR code, a stamp in which representing one particular venue would be recorded in our system. The bottom in which representing the particular venue then turned the colour from white to blue. This provided a big convenient for the participants to identify their progress of collection.

It was really pleasurable for the participants to enjoy the BMW car exhibition and collect the digital stamps as well.

After collecting all 3 digital stamps from 3 different venues, participants were invited to pass our pairing game in the final destination so as to get a limited-edition souvenir. A machine from which participants can engage the pairing game and get the souvenir was set at the final destination. Participants were required to scan the QR code with full stamps record. Detecting the QR code by the QR code sensor, a pairing game page will be shown on the touchscreen. Participants had to remember the cards during a given seconds before they flipping over. Participants can touch the screen to flip over the card they want and find another pair to get a score. Successfully finding out at least 2 pairs of the card, a special souvenir will be dropped out of the machine.


Client /
BMW Hong Kong

Role /
User Interface
Creative Production
Application Development (Check Point Gaming)
Vending Machine Gaming
Redemption Application (Tablet Apps)
Hardware Device Rental and Support

Credit /
Account Servicing – Jacky Lui
Design – Ian Chu
Program – Walker Cheung
Event Support  – Grace Lam, Pearl Chu, Sophie Yeung & Anthony Chung
Registration Part & API – Milton – Yuash Team
Event Production – Imagine Lab
Event Launch Management – Imagine Lab
Gift & Premium – Imagine Lab



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